The Points on WTMFI Wednesdays

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

When you become a Registered Participant on WTMFI Wednesdays, you gain access to our various gamification features including points, badges and ranks. While these mean absolutely nothing in the larger scheme of things, they do add a fun element to participating in WTMFI Wednesdays

As you participate on our site, almost every action you take awards you points. From logging in to posting an update and using our forums. These points go towards your overall rank on the site. We have a total of 6 ranks for you to work through from Newbie to Ruby.

You also earn badges for completing certain milestones on WTMFI Wednesdays, like uploading a profile picture or having a certain number of friends. People who visit your profile can see your badges and ranks and you can view a log of all the ways that you've earned points every time you visit.

So, lets delve into the points on WTMFI Wednesdays.

The Points

There are a variety of ways that you earn points on WTMFI Wednesdays. From posting a status update to just viewing a post, almost everything you do on our site will earn you points. We've created this handy list to show you all the actions that earn you points and how many points you can potentially earn.

The Ranks

There are a total of 6 available ranks that you slowly progress through as you earn more and more points on WTMFI Wednesdays. Everyone starts off as a Newbie eventually climbing the ranks to the ultimate Ruby rank. Here's how many points you'll need to move up the ranks:

The Badges

You get special badges for completing certain milestones on WTMFI Wednesdays. When you upload an avatar for the first time, you get a badge. When you comment a certain number of times, you get a badge.

Some badges are single leveled badges and are only awarded once for one type of action, such as the avatar upload badge. You get that badge the first time you upload a picture.

Some badges have multiple levels and are awarded more than once based on continued action, such as the comment badge - you'll receive a Level 1 badge for your first 5 comments and then you'll receive Level 2 and Level 3 badges when you reach the other comment milestones.

We will be doing a post in the future delving deeper into badges, so stay tuned for that!

Recurring Payouts

Every Wednesday, you get 10 points, just because it's Wednesday!

And when we hit our one year anniversary (which will be November 18th, 2018), everyone gets a huge point payout! We can't tell you how much it's going to be, but we can tell you that it's going to be awesome!

You can see a quick and handy reference page for points on our Points page. And you can see more detailed information about the points you've earned and how in your profile.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to WTMFI Wednesdays and earn yourself some points!

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