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WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

Not only do we offer a wide variety of ways for you to participate in WTMFI Wednesdays, we also offer you the ability to connect with other participants of the weekly sex meme. Whether you're seeking to build your network or just looking to meet like-minded people, we've provided the places for you to do just that.

Option 1: 

Becoming a Registered Participant 

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Our favorite way of connecting with other participants is by being a Registered Participant on We've talked about the benefits of becoming a Registered Participant in the past, and you can find more posts about being a Registered Participant, but basically: you get access to ways to connect with other participants - groups, forums and profiles.

Option 2: 

Join Our Google+ Community 

(WTMFI Wednesdays Participants)

If you're on Google+, not only do we strongly suggest that you follow us, but you can also join a community of other participants. These participants are both Unregistered and Registered Participants, who have participated in any number of ways. You can share your submissions, discuss the questions and connect with other participants who share your interests, have similar experiences or just catch your eye!

Option 3: 

Join Our Facebook Group 

(WTMFI Wednesdays Participants)

If you're on Facebook and you want yet another place to connect with other participants, both Unregistered and Registered, check out our Facebook group. We'll be letting you share your submissions, having discussions about the questions and giving you polls to participate in. Don't forget to like our page!

Another way that we strongly suggest using to connect with other participants on whichever network you use the most, is to check out our hashtag: #WTMFIWednesdays. You can find out what's being submitted, what's being said about us and lots more about participating and getting involved.

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