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WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

Q: What is WTMFI Wednesdays?


WTMFI Wednesdays is a weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality.

It is also known as a Linky, Link Party, Blog Carnival, etc. Basically, a base blog gives a bunch of other bloggers stuff to blog about, and then they all link back to that base blog and each gets the benefit of each other's audience.

Usually, they're run weekly, like ours. However, we do have a list on our official Memes page with ones that are run on different schedules.

Q: Who can participate in WTMFI Wednesdays?


Anyone can participate in WTMFI Wednesdays.

If you don't have a blog, we give you plenty of options to get involved (including our comment section!), and if you do have a blog, we still give you plenty of options. So, it's really easy!

Q: How do I participate in WTMFI Wednesdays?


We just wrote a post about this! 

The most basic explanation: You answer the questions in whatever way you want and then you post your answers. This can be in the form of comments, a blog post that is linked to our Linky, on social networks using the ##WTMFIWednesdays hashtag, a submission on our Tumblr or even a direct submission from a Registered Participant.

Be sure to check out the full post here to get instructions.

Q: Where can I get more information about WTMFI Wednesdays?


The best place to get all the information about WTMFI Wednesdays is on our main site located at http://wtmfi.com/.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our main site, you're more than welcome to contact us. If you are a Registered Participant, you have access to our official forums for news, support and resources. 

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Registered Participant?


There are a few benefits to becoming a Registered Participant.

The first one, in our opinion, is the ability to submit your posts directly on WTMFI Wednesdays. You also unlock access to our forums, where we're having all those discussions we promised to arouse and you can join session-specific groups to connect with those users who have participated in the same session's as you.

There are more benefits, and we'll go through a few of them over some of our upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Q: Can I participate even if I'm not a Registered Participant?


Absolutely!!! You do not need to be a Registered Participant to participate!

Q: Do I have to participate every week?


You can participate however often you feel like participating.

If you'd like to follow along week-after-week, we welcome you to join in. If you participate once and never again, that's okay too. And you can always come back at some later time to participate.

Q: Is there a deadline to have my links submitted?



You can choose to submit your answers on the Wednesday we go live, or you can choose to submit them a year later. There is no deadline and we invite you to participate whenever you can - even if it isn't Wednesday!

Q: What should my post look like?


That's entirely up to you. Your post can be in any format - whether you'd like to post text, pictures, audio, video - as long as it's yours.

We do ask that you add one of our badges (which come in a variety of sizes, for your convenience) and that you tag your post #WTMFIWednesdays. Other than that, what you do is up to you!

Q: Can I make my own badge to use?



Can you share it with us so we can see how awesome it is? Can we maybe let other people use it too?

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