5 Benefits of Becoming a Registered Participant

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WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

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For WTMFI Wednesdays, we have two types of participants. Before we get into the benefits of either, let's layout what they actually are:

Unregistered Participant

This is the average participant of WTMFI Wednesdays.

They post their submissions to each session on their own blogs, in our comments or on Tumblr. They might even participate solely on social networks like Twitter or Google+. They come back to our main site, located at http://wtmfi.com/, to add links to their submissions either in our comments or the provided Linky.

Registered Participant

This person has registered for an account on our main site, located at http://wtmfi.com/, and gains access to features on that site.

They may either post their submissions in the same way Unregistered Participants do and/or may choose to use our added Contributor feature. They may also participate on social networks like Google+ or Facebook. They also add links to their submissions in the comments or the provided Linky, if they would like.

So, the biggest difference between the two is one has access to a few extra on-site features and the other doesn't. You still get the same questions, themes, topics and badges no matter which one you choose. And both options are entirely free.

However, we think there are some benefits to becoming a Registered Participant:

Benefit #1
Profile = Exposure

When you join WTMFI Wednesdays, you get to create a profile. You can use this profile for exposure to your own blog (if you have one), as well as your social profiles. If you are contributing submissions directly on-site (see Benefit #5), they can also appear here. An avatar and cover photo top your profile and it's where you can access all of our other features.

Benefit #2
Make a Connection

Connect with other Registered Participants of WTMFI Wednesdays. Follow them to see what they're up to around the site, including their submissions, forum discussions and group activity. Send compliments to let other members know you appreciate what they're doing. You also have the ability to send each other private messages and use @ mentions everywhere!

Benefit #3
Session-Specific Groups

Join groups made specifically for each session of WMTFI Wednesdays. Connect with other participants in the same sessions you've participated in and have deeper discussions about the question's and the topics they cover in the group forum.

Benefit #4
Gamify Your Experience

Earn points for every action you take as a Registered Participant. The more points you earn, the higher you rank. We have 7 ranks in total and everyone starts as a newbie. Earn enough points to advance up the ladder to Bronze and then eventually Gold and finally Ruby.

You can also earn badges for completing certain milestones through the actions you take on the site. For example, you get a badge for adding an avatar to your profile. And you get one when you've clicked on the special points link we add at the end of each session a certain number of times. 

It just adds a little something extra to the experience! 

Benefit #5
Become a Contributor

You can add your submissions to WTMFI Wednesdays directly on our site as a Registered Participant. You are given access to our post editor, where you write up your post however you want, add the required information such as the badge and the #WTMFIWednesdays and Submission tags, and submit your post to be published. We quickly check it over to make sure it will display properly on our site and then publish it. People can then view all the submissions in one place.

The site will officially open a few hours before the questions are posted giving you time to register and get your profile ready. Be sure to follow us on Google+, Facebook or Twitter to find out when the site is open.

We can't wait for you to become a Registered Participant!

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